What can we do about the increasing rate of sickened children and low intelligent quotient affecting children in Nigeria?

Bold Impact will establish several elementary school gardens (farms) that will bring children (pupils) close to nature and natural foods without the use of chemicals for cultivation and preservation. These gardens will serve as production units, training gardens as well as healthy food farms for children. Additionally it will help children to have regular access to fruits and vegetables that will reduce the risk that chemically cultivated and processed food posed on children.

Fresh organic crops, healthy fruits and vegetables will be available at affordable prices.

Bold Impact plans to establish a model farm in Ondo State, Nigeria. There we will be able to start the cultivation of organic crops, composting, rearing of animals with production of organic meat and we will develop new items of organically processed food.

Our main goal is that Nigerian children (pupils) and youth will become ambassadors and campaigners for a mindset shift about consuming more organic food products.

Through the establishment of these elementary school gardens we will be able to start awareness and public sensitization for organic products; for safe and healthy future of pupils. The change in the orientation of elementary school pupils will influence their families and those of their neighbors. This will also help us to create demands; these children will ask for safe and healthy foods from their parents.

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