My name is ABIODUN AKINWUMI AYANWALE, I am passionate about farming, I am a food scientist and an agropreneur.

    Many in Nigeria believe that the production of organic food is costly and labor intensive. I want to teach youth in Nigeria that with good agricultural management which will produce healthier foods and conserving the environment it can be better than chemical agriculture.

    Growing up, I asked my parents many questions about plant, they encouraged us, my brother and I to create a little garden of own in which they could cultivate food. Thus, we planted maize, tubers, pepper and other vegetables, just out of curiosity. What I do not know back then is that, all these crops were produced organically, no pesticides was used and the produce were awesome. Another passion of mine is working with children and youth. I see myself as a campaigner and an ambassador for food sovereignty.

    I have more than 10 years of experience in farming and I have attended many leadership training, one of it is a 7 month intensive leadership training course for social change Kanthari India, an International Institute of Social Entrepreneur. I received training on how to set up and run organization, community development projects Implementation, Finance Management for organizations and how to conduct Social Research.

    I represented Nigeria at the 2017 “AFRICAN YOUTH AND GOVERNENCE CONFERENCE” where I was part of agriculture team and policies on agriculture was drafted to help youth on agriculture and the future of Africa. These policies was presented at the 2017 African Union congress.

    My future plan for BOLD IMPACT NIGERIA is to establish a model farm which can be used as a training farm and model for replication across Nigeria.

    We look forward to receive feedback and advise, we also look forward to your support and donations.

    Warmest Regards

    Abiodun Akinwumi Ayanwale


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